Earlier this year in May of 2017, Texas tolling agencies (TxTAG, NTTA, and HCTRA) began a transition to a new interoperability HUB to include Kansas and Oklahoma Turnpike Authorities. This new HUB referred to as the Central United States Interoperability Hub or CUSIOP for short, will allow agency tags to work on toll roads between the three states. This new transition will ultimately result in added convenience for toll users who travel between the three states. However, during the transition some technical issues were identified and have caused many customers to be billed erroneously. Customers with valid tag accounts may have received a bill in the mail instead of charging their tag account due to the technical error. Tolling agencies across the state are working hard to resolve the issue and avoid any future inconveniences.

The CCRMA has taken corrective action to resolve these errors caused by this transition, please follow the steps outlined below so this matter can be resolved as quickly as possible for you.

If you are a customer who has received a TPS|CCRMA Toll Bill in error, please take the following steps:

  • Under the “Pay Your Bill” section below, please enter your account# and reference# as found on the bill. The invoice in question will then appear under the invoice details section. Scroll to the right and verify if there is an “Outstanding Amount Due”. If there is no amount due you may disregard the invoice as your bill has been resolved.
  • If the above step did not resolve the issue, please contact TPS|CCRMA at support@tpsccrma.org and provide your name, toll bill or invoice number, TxTag/Toll Tag/EZ Pass account number and/or tag number, and a contact number where you can be reached.
  • A TPS|CCRMA representative will resolve your toll bill issue that was caused by the transition.

We recommend customers contact us as soon as possible if you have experienced any of these billing errors due to this transition. As always, we at TPS|CCRMA thank you for being a loyal customer and apologize for any inconvenience.

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